Interesting ways to say the weather is bad in French

We have reached a time when we don’t know if it is 5pm or 10pm. Do we need to put on the lights at 7am or 2pm? It is always dark, rainy, or snowing. Brace yourself for the cold days in coming weeks.

While you are preparing your hot chocolate and cozying up under your warm fuzzy blanket, check out these fun ways to say how the weather is bad in French.

  1. Il fait un temps de chien

It’s very bad weather. 

  1.  Il est tombé quelques gouttes.

We got a few drops of rain.

  1. La pluie tombe à torrent.

It’s pouring.

  1. Il y a une pluie battante.

It’s pouring.

  1. Il pleut des cordes.

It’s raining cats and dogs.

  1. Il fait un temps épouvantable.

The weather is really nasty.

  1. Il pleut à verse.

It’s pouring.

  1. Le ciel est couvert.

It’s overcast.

  1. Il fait une chaleur torride.

The heat is unbearable

  1. Un orage a éclaté.

A storm has burst.